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Will Rogers Follies

<p>Directed by Gail Steele, Music Directed by Jeff Williams, Choreographed by Sandie Couture</p> <p>Will Rogers is famous for saying “I never met a man I didn’t like,” and everyone who saw TAM’s production of The Will Rogers Follies will agree that there has never been a man – or woman – who did not like it. Will Rogers is a legend who transcends decades. This Follies-style tribute is an upbeat celebration of the folk hero who made the world “a whole lot better place” than it was before he entered it.</p> <p>Starring: Tim Recko, Jodi Sylvester, Trish Aponte, John Sullivan, Taj Musco, Douglas Buell, Paul Caouette, Scott Aponte, Charles Clark, Zach Hamel, Tony Kirouac, Mary Catherine Conley, Bonnie Cicarella, Heidi Mondeau, Ryann Bingham, Lydia Musco, Healther Antonelli, Laura Reifenheiser, Laurie Marcinkewicz, Emily Cushing, Nicole Couture, Hillary Steele, Dawn Young, Laura Dignard, Jennifer Knight, Pat Houle, Janet Perrett, Ethan Caouette, Hannah Sides, Spencer Dickson and Tory Kilcoyne,</p>

Raggedy Ann and Andy

<p>Directed by Cheryl Carter</p> <p>Raggedy Ann, America\'s most endearing and enduring folk doll, comes to life in a production that captures the imagination. This free-wheeling romp combines simple inventive staging with an action-packed plot and lively audience participation. Through it all shines the gentle, loving spirit of Raggedy Ann. The story unfolds in a special playroom where wonderful, magical events transpire. A newcomer has arrived in the playroom, a fancy French doll named Babette. But that very evening, a certain prince Leonard-the-Looney-Hearted comes riding by on his hobby horse and whisks her away to Looney-land. Raggedy Ann knows what she must do! She and Andy climb out the window into the \"deep, deep woods\" to fetch Babette back home.</p> <p>Starring: Olivia Smith, Mark Pacheco, Rachelle Gendron, Ari Lew, Melissa Gates, Lincoln Keefe, Geoffrey Pickering, Nick Howe, Kristina Klemetti, Ethan Caouette, Jessie Vescovi, Adam Sides, Paul Carter, Taj Musco, Monica McNamara, Ashley Sheehan, Gabe Vancil and Lydia Musco </p>


<p>Directed by Rob Houle, Music Directed by David Twiss</p> <p>Elizabeth Swados’ groundbreaking musical Runaways, opened on Broadway on May 13, 1978, to critical raves. The characters were taken from workshops conducted by Swados, with real-life runaways in the late 1970s.The issues are universal, poignant and as timely today as they were 30 years ago. It paints a portrait of childhood filled with wonder, even when the message is heart-breaking and contemporary.</p> <p>Starring: Heidi Mondeau, Bonnie Cicarelli, Corey Tunnessen, Stephanie Bergeron, Shawn Wittmier, Eric Mello, Ari Lew, Rebecca Cote, Jessie Vescovi, Ryann Bingham, Jeffrey Williams, Jennifer Haschig, Kendra Kachadoorian, Laura Dignard, Anthony Kirouac, Matt Daigle, Lydia Musco, Maile Shoul, Laurie Marcinkewicz, Charles Clark, Melanie Mangum, Niki Tunnessen, Graham Rickert, Taj Musco, Zach Hamel and Zuzka Krnan </p>

Damn Yankees

<p>Directed by Vaughn West, Music Directed by Tom Martin, Choreographed by Dede Guercio Recko</p> <p>An aging baseball fanatic considers selling his soul for a chance to become a young hardball hitter that takes the Washington Senators to the pennant, but chooses to cling to what\'s important in his life. The show is animated with non-stop hits, including the boisterous \"Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, MO,\" the eye-popping \"Whatever Lola Wants\" and the encouraging \"You Gotta Have Heart.\"</p> <p>Starring: Tony Minichiello, Shana Dirik, John Sullivan, Trish Aponte, Mark LeBlanc, Noelle LeChavalier and a large ensemble of ballplayers, singers and dancers</p>

Crazy For You

<p>Directed and Music Directed by Jeff Williams Choreographed by Jim Caisse</p> <p>Set in the 1940\'s, New York banker and aspiring dancer Bobby Child is sent to Deadrock, Nevada, to foreclose on a theater. Instead, he falls in love with the owner\'s daughter, Polly, and puts on a show in their failing theater to pay the mortgage and win her heart. Packed with non-stop Gershwin hits, the show explodes with spectacular production numbers, including \"Slap That Bass,\" \"I Can\'t Be Bothered Now\" and \"I Got Rhythm.\" Bobby and Polly\'s romance is animated by Gershwin\'s best ballads - \"Someone To Watch Over Me,\" \"But Not For Me\" and \"They Can\'t Take That Away From Me.\"</p> <p>Starring: Joel Seger, Tom DiRusso, Shana Williams, Elizabeth Hughes, Elena Seymour, Joanne Landry, Lynn Vaillancourt, Laurie Marcinkewicz, Mark LeBlanc and a large ensemble of singers and dancers</p>

Music Man 1996

<p>Directed by Peter Landry, Music Direction by David Twiss, Choreographed by Joanne Landry and Peter Landry</p> <p>The Music Man is the story of Harold Hill, a footloose con man who sets out to take advantage of the citizens of a small, turn-of-the-century Iowa town, but who instead is captivated and morally transformed by the townsfolk. Along the way, he falls in love with the town\'s lovely librarian and inspires all with the joy of music. The Music Man won an Oscar for Best Music in 1963, featuring such well-known songs as \"76 Trombones,\" \"Ya Got Trouble,\" and \"Goodnight Ladies.\" </p> <p>Starring: Aaron Whipple, Sue DiRusso, Anthony Santucci, Meredith Marcinkewicz, Hilary Chadwick, Mark Pacheco, Michael St. Onge, Paul Caouette, Ted Cushing, Rick Woods, Keith Leininger, Lynda Palmer, Melissa Gates, Nicholas Ramey and a large ensemble of children, teens and adults</p>