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Fiddler on the Roof 1997

<p>Directed by Joan Webber, Music Directed by Bill Asher, Choreographed by Cheryl Bauer</p> <p>Set in a little village in Czarist Russia, the story follows Tevye, a poor Jewish dairyman, as his three oldest daughters marry. Tevye struggles to retain his position as head of the household in selecting his daughters\' husbands, but with each daughter, he finds he needs to reevaluate his traditions for his daughters\' sake. As he chooses to change his traditions to reflect a changing society, he endures the objections of his wife, Golde; the matchmaker, Yente; and the townspeople of Anatevka. While the Jews struggle with changing relationships, they also struggle with persecutions and eventual eviction by the Russians. The people of Anatevka find their future is as precarious as a fiddler on a roof. The fiddler animates this story, supporting such classics such as \"If I Were a Rich Man,\" \"Sunrise, Sunset,\" and \"Matchmaker.\" </p> <p>Starring: Peter Landry, Sandie Couture, Liz Webber, Sam Payne, Ryan O’Mara, Tim Smith, Sharon Ahser, Sarah Huddleston, Jonathan Earls, Heidi Mondeau and a large ensemble of singers and dancers </p>

Dancing Spider

<p>Directed by Sandie Couture, Music Directed by Deb Bonneau. Choreographed by Heidi Hogan</p> <p>The plot of The Dancing Spider, drawn from West African folktales and enhanced by songs based on authentic African rhythms, forms and themes, concerns the trickster-hero Ananse, who spends his time dreaming up ways to get others to do his work and so ends up in some hilarious predicaments. Hugh, menacing Leopard and Lion try to intimidate Ananse, but he outwits them both.<p> </p>Starring: Geoffrey Pickering, Melissa Gates, Chris Robison, Sophie Wagner, Cara Saudelli, Sarah Anderson, Molly Wiinikainen, Hilary Chadwick, Emily Ragusa, Juliana Gordon, Sadie MacDougall, Kristen Murray, Ari Lew, Olivia Cushing, Kira Lew, Noelle Bonneau, Whitney DiGeronimo, Hannah Waight, Stephanie Antononi, Torre Stupak, Monica McNamara, Hannah Sides, and an ensemble of singers and dancers</p>

The Boyfriend

<p>Directed by Gail SteeleMusic, Directed by Jeff Williams, Choreographed by Dede Recko</p> <p>The 1920’s really roar in Sandy Wilson’s delightful musical, The Boyfriend. The girls at Madame Dubonnet’s school shock us with their love of cloche hats, flapper skirts, the Charleston, and, of course, boys! Audiences leave the theatre humming “I Could Be Happy With You,” “Won’t You Charleston With Me?” and “It’s Never Too Late to Fall in Love.” </p> <p>Starring: Ryan O’Mara, Jessie Vescovi, Hillary Steele, Lydia Musco, Heidi Mondeau, Laurie Marcinkewicz, Anthony Kirouac, Matt Daigle, Ryann Bingham, Sarah Huddleston, Joanthan Earls, Shane Desmond, Tim Smith, Nick Ramey, Lauren Munroe, John Sullivan, Pattie Coleman, Ari Lew, and Patricia Bernaola</p>

Forever Plaid

<p>Directed and Music Directed by Mary Chapin Durling, Choreographed by Darlene Dickson</p> <p>This critically acclaimed musical celebrating the precision harmonies and well choreographed moves that were the epitome of 1950\'s traditional values, home and harmony, the uproariously entertaining Forever Plaid is perfect for the entire family. Filled with the nostalgic sounds of the 1950\'s, the musical incorporates beautifully composed close four part harmony. \"The Plaids\" sing some of the 50\'s greatest hits including \"Catch a Falling Star,\" \"Three Coins in the Fountain,\" \"Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing\" and \"Magic Moments.\" </p> <p>Starring: Peter Landry, Rob Houle, Jeff Bourque and Jeff Williams</p>

42nd Street 1997

<p>Directed and Music Directed by Jeff Williams, Choreographed by Susie Michaud</p> <p>Based on the 1933 Busby Berkeley movie musical, 42nd STREET tells the story of a starry-eyed young actress named Peggy Sawyer who comes to audition for the new Julian Marsh-directed musical about to open on Broadway. While she can\'t seem to stay in the good graces of the show\'s aging leading lady Dorothy Brock, Peggy soon catches the eye of the famous director. On opening night, Ms. Brock breaks her ankle and panic spreads through the company as the show is doomed for closure-until it is suggested that Peggy take the role. In only 36 hours, Peggy becomes a star! With a book by Michael Stewart and Mark Bramble, music by Harry Warren and lyrics by Al Dubin, the memorable score includes We\'re in the Money You\'re Getting to be a Habit With Me, Lullaby of Broadway, and of course, 42nd Street.</p> <p>Starring: David Ludt, Mike Dickson, Darlene Dickson, Ed Donlan, Julie Capone, Nicole Couture, Nicholas Howe, Laurie Marcinkewicz, Sandie Couture, Michelle Caissey, Tom DiRusso and a large ensemble of singers and dancers</p>


<p>Directed and Choreographed by Rob Houle, Music Directed by Fred Frabotta</p> <p>“Plaid” may be fashionable, but “Taffeta” never goes out of style! – a musical journey with the “girl groups” of the Fabulous Fifties. Musical numbers include Mr. Sandman, Little Darlin’ and Where the Boys Are, to name only a few. </p> <p>Starring: Sarah Huddleston, Noelle LeChevalier, Joanne Landry and Pat Lawrence</p>

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 1997

<p>Directed by Peter Landry, Music Direction by David Twiss, Choreographed by Jerianne Warren</p> <p>This show is a lovely, comic and colorful journey through the Biblical story of young Joseph, sold into slavery by his brothers after his father favored him with a gorgeous colored cloak. His gift of prophecy saves him from an uncertain fate and helps him to rescue Egypt from famine. Animated with a high-energy mix of music and dancing from 50\'s rock to calypso to country western, this show is a favorite with casts and audiences alike. </p> <p>Starring: Trish Aponte, Ed Paddock, Joel Hersh, Jerianne Warren, Joe Andrade, Tom DiRusso, Rob Houle, Gregorio Malonte, Paul Caouette, Rick Woods and a large ensemble of children, teens and adults</p>