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Directed by Justin McCoubry Music Directed by Jeff Williams Choreographed by Alison Laverdiere February/March 2010 <p>It’s the brassy, bright, and promising year of 1959. Boston’s Colonial Theatre is host to the opening night performance of a new musical. When the leading lady mysteriously dies on stage the entire cast and crew are suspects. Enter a local detective, who just happens to be a musical theatre fan!</p> <p>Starring: Ryann Bingham, Paul Caouette, Michelle Caissey, Chris Casello, Larry Hill, Tony Kirouac, Joel LeBlanc, Laurie Marcinkewicz, Tim Murphy, Anthony Santucci, Becky Ufema, Aaron Whipple, Chelsea Young and many others.</p>

Mulan Jr

Directed by Emily Smith Music Directed by Katrina Caouette Choreographed by Rachel Phaneuf April 2010 <p>Travel back to the legendary, story-telling days of ancient China with this action-packed stage adaptation of Disney\'s Mulan. The Huns have invaded, and it is up to the misfit Mulan and her mischievous sidekick Mushu to save the Emperor! Mulan Junior is a heartwarming celebration of culture, honor and a fighting spirit. The score includes favorites like Reflection; Honor to Us All and I\'ll Make a Man Out of You as well as new songs that will leave you humming!</p> <p>Starring: Tyler Simahk, Ben West, Meagan Dame, Brittany Stewart, Emily Lambert, Emily Richard, Paige Crane, Cameron Moylan, Merrick Henry, Chad Moretti, Ian Bonner, Vicki Chase, Athena Scarmeas, Sadie Kennedy, Andrew Kelly, Leighton Moylan, Danny Rodriguez, a large ensemble of children and teens, and Audrey Clark as Mulan.</p>

Always Patsy Cline

Directed by Michael Walker Music Directed by Diane Cushing June 2010 <p>Always...Patsy Cline tells the true story of the special friendship between two women, one a rising star and the other a devoted fan, over a pot of strong coffee in Louise\'s kitchen and through letters and phone calls shared until Patsy\'s untimely death. Re-live the magic through the songs that made Patsy Cline a pop and country music legend: Crazy, Sweet Dreams, Walkin\' After Midnight, I Fall to Pieces, and much more.</p> <p>Starring: Trish Aponte and Regina Stillings.</p>

The Wedding Singer

Directed by Lorien Corbelletti Music Directed by Steven Bergman Choreographed by Nicole Couture August 2010 <p>Travel back to a time when hair was big, collars were up, and a wedding singer just might be the coolest guy in the room! The Wedding Singer takes place in 1980\'s New Jersey and tells the story of jilted wedding singer Robbie Hart. Robbie meets Julia and agrees to help plan her wedding, but problems arise as Robbie realizes his true feelings for Julia. Enjoy a throwback to 80\'s rock concerts with the amp turned up to 11!</p> <p>Starring: Joey Andrade, Ashley Beck, Ethan Caouette, Andrew Desisto, Sue DiRusso, Molly Evans, Melissa Gates, Thom Hardy and many others</p>

Leading Ladies

Directed by Vaughn West October 2010 <p>In this hilarious comedy by the author of Lend Me A Tenor and Moon Over Buffalo , two English Shakespearean actors, Jack and Leo, find themselves so down on their luck that they are performing \"Scenes from Shakespeare\" on the Moose Lodge circuit in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. When they hear that an old lady in a nearby town is about to die and leave her fortune to her two long lost English nephews, they resolve to pass themselves off as her beloved relatives and get the cash. The trouble is, the relatives aren\'t nephews, but nieces!</p> <p>Starring: Angie Beauvais, Craig Cormier, Julian Fox, Francis Freel, Pattie Pichette, David Prescott, Jeff Williams and Chelsea Young.</p>

The Berenstain Bears

Directed by Emily Smith Music Directed by Katrina Caouette Choreographed by Rachel Phaneuf October 2010 <p>Join Papa, Mama, Brother, and Sister Bear as classic Berenstain Bears stories are presented and commented on by guitar-strumming Cowboy Joe, the world\'s foremost expert on the famous residents of Bear Country. Mama Bear is at her wit\'s end with the cubs\' messy room and Papa Bear helps the cubs\' understand that honesty is the best policy. Brother Bear learns of the dangers of bad influences like neighborhood bullies, and Sister Bear has the last laugh when dealing with stage fright in the school play. Take a stroll through Bear Country and you\'ll come out humming the tunes of life\'s gentle lessons.</p> <p>Starring: Ashley Archangelo, Vikki Chase, Paige Crane, MaryKate Erickson, Erin Glenny, Merrick Henry, Andrew Kelley, Chad Moretti, Danny Rodriguez, Olivia Ryan, Brittany Stewart and Ben West.</p>

Silver Bells

Conceived, Directed and Choreographed by Chris Casello Music Direction by Katrina Caouette November/December 2010 <p>The hustle and bustle of Christmas in New York City comes to the Theatre at the Mount stage in this traditional-meets-untraditional Christmas Spectacular! The elegance and excitement of Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, and St. Patrick\'s Cathedral are filled with holiday music, love and laughter for the entire family…and a special visit from the big guy in the red suit himself!</p> <p>Starring: Kyle Carlson as Gideon and Chuck Berube, Ryann Brown, Sue DiRusso, Melissa Gates, Darlene Gaudet, Rob Houle, Anthony Kirouac, Patrick Koetsch, Michael Kozloski, Joanne Landry, Alison Laverdiere, Taylor Lawton, Fatima Lewis, Debbie Moylan, Angela Pelletier, Danny Rodriguez, Amy Shalabh, Emily Smith, Emily Xarras, Chelsea Young and a large ensemble of singers, dancers and children.</p>