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All first time MWCC students must take the CPT.  The results will help students to choose appropriately when registering for classes. 

Steps to the CPT. . .
1. Prepare for the Test
2. Take the Test
3. Attend a SMART Start Event

What if I need accommodations?

About the Test
Download our brochure:  CPT Brochure

The CPT is delivered by computer using Accuplacer, a series of placement tests provided by the College Board.
The test is divided into five sections:  Essay, Sentence Skills, Reading, Arithmetic, and Algebra.  Students with a high enough score on the Algebra section will advance to a sixth section, College-Level Math.
– The Essay has a 50 minute time limit, all other sections are not timed
– You must answer every question when it is first given, and may not skip any questions or go back later to change an answer.
– Pencils and scrap paper are provided.
– The test provides a calculator for some math problems.  You may not use your own calculator.

Placement testing is available at the Gardner, Leominster, and Devens campuses.  Each campus has a separate schedule.
Students testing for MWCC must have already been accepted to the college.  Call ahead if testing for a different school (by appointment only).
Gardner Campus
Walk-In Testing:  Monday – Friday 8:30am-1:00pm
Tuesday Evenings by Appointment:  To schedule, click on the Testing Appointment Calendar, or call 978-630-9244 or 978-630-9220.
Leominster Campus
Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00pm by Appointment:  Call to schedule, 978-630-9813 or 978-630-9812
Devens Campus
Schedule Online or by Phone:  Click on the Testing Appointment Calendar, or call 978-630-9569.

Preparing for the Test

 Students should review study materials prior to testing.


Download the free Accuplacer web-based study app to access from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  

 Click to Get the App!

The Study App includes the following features:

  • Sample Tests that help you experience the types of questions to be asked on test day
  • “Learn As You Go” feature that provides immediate feedback after each question is submitted and includes an explanation for the correct response
  • Save your work-in-progress, and resume practicing at a later time
  • Review your score history to identify areas of strength and weakness
  • 6 months of access

Download our practice handouts:


Study materials for College-Level Math are included on the College Board’s Accuplacer study guide and web app.

Download College Board’s Study Guide:  Accuplacer Study Guide
Go to the College Board website: http://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/students

Taking the Test

On Test Day:
– Plan on testing approximately 2-2.5 hours.  The length of the testing session will vary for each student.
– A photo I.D. is required before the test can be administered.
– No food, beverages, electronic devices, or other personal items are allowed in the testing room.
– You will not receive your test scores immediately after the test.  Score reports are only given after a retest.

Friends and family may not accompany students into the testing room.  Anyone not testing, including parents and children, must wait outside Testing Services.  Information about guest and visitor policies may be found here:  http://catalog.mwcc.edu/studentresources/#text

Retests:  An Advisor may recommend that you retest for a higher score in one or more sections.  Do not retest before speaking with Advising about eligibility, call 978-630-9109.  Scores are valid for three years.  Same day retests are not allowed.  There is a $10.00 retest fee.



Register for a mandatory SMART Start event after you have completed the CPT test.   You will meet with an Advisor about your test scores, course placement, and register for classes.  Information and registration for SMART Start are on the MWCC website:  http://mwcc.edu/admissions/smart-start/.  You may also contact the Advising Center by phone at 978-630-9109, or in-person in room 071.

Test Scores

Requesting scores from MWCC
Test scores will not be given to anyone other than the actual test taker without written consent from the test taker, or over the phone.

If you would like to request your scores, or have them sent somewhere else, you may send an email from your MWCC account  to testingservices@mwcc.mass.edu.  Include your name, MWCC ID # (or date of birth), your phone number, approximate test dates, the name of the recipient/institution, and the address, email, or fax where they should be sent.

Instead of using a MWCC email account, you may complete and sign the CPT Score Request form and fax to 978-630-9278 or scan and email to testingservices@mwcc.mass.edu:  CPT Score Request Form

Scores may also be released by request from a designee (such as a parent or spouse) listed on a FERPA (Family Educational Right to Privacy Act) waiver form. If you have not completed a form and would like to, or want to make changes, contact the Records office at 978-630-9106.

Sending scores to MWCC from another school
If you took Accuplacer at a different school, and would like for MWCC to have the scores, you must contact the other school to request the score report be sent directly to Testing Services at MWCC.

Score reports will only be accepted if sent directly to MWCC Testing Services from the other school.  Scores are not valid if more than 3 years old.  You should discuss your scores with an Advisor.

Schools may send Accuplacer score reports to Testing Services by fax:  978-630-9278, or email to testingservices@mwcc.mass.edu.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

To request reasonable accommodations for testing, please contact Student Services at 978-630-9855, prior to scheduling the test.



MWCC may use your test results for data collection and statistical analysis related to research. Your name will not be included in any research activity.

Mount Wachusett Community College seeks to provide equal educational and employment opportunities and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, or disability.