2015 Summer Business Luncheon Series

Entrepreneurship and ingenuity are fast growing and vital ingredients for business success. We are pleased to invite business professionals, with an interest in beginning or advancing their understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation, to attend our summer luncheon workshops. Set in a casual environment, the workshops are intended for professionals who desire to start or grow a business. Whether you are the owner of a small business, a manager or an entrepreneur, these sessions will aid in providing qualified, professional insight and ideas for building your business.


$15.00 per person/per session
Registration is required
Executive luncheon included with cost of admissionLuncheon Menu
MasterCard, Visa and Discover accepted.
Make checks payable to MWCC.


All sessions are held at the MWCC Leominster Campus.

To Register:

Register online, call 978-630-9575 or email training@mwcc.mass.edu


CRN 65459 Workforce Training Fund Information Session
June 5, 12–1 pm

This session caters to ALL BUSINESSES wanting to learn more about the Massachusetts state funded program for business training. This session will provide an overview of General Program Training Grants as well as Consortium Grants, Express Program Training Grants & Technical Assistance Grants. MWCC will share client experiences in areas such as lean, continuous improvement, leadership, and ESL as well as other technical and non-technical training areas in healthcare, manufacturing, banking, technology and other vertical markets. This overview will cover the features and benefits of each program, the amount of available funding, and how to apply.

CRN 65453 Establishing Your Business
June 12, 12–1 pm

Small business owners have to determine their tax entity classifi cation and consider whether they should launch their companies as sole proprietorships, corporations or a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Any option can offer a range of advantages for entrepreneurs, however a corporation or LLC protects entrepreneurs’ personal assets. Join us and discover all the advantages of incorporating a small business in order to establish your company.

CRN 65454 Three Tips for a Better Business Website
June 19, 12–1 pm

Discover three essential ingredients for any website, in any business, which build upon key questions like: Why do I have a website? And, what do I want my site to do? (This is a non-technical session which focuses on ideas and suggestions for improving your website).

CRN 65455 Marketing Communications
July 10, 12–1 pm

Marketing remains an essential tool for promoting your business, services and products. Discover an approach to developing a brochure using design elements to enhance interest and create impact. This workshop is designed to encourage you to consider branding and how customer perceptions affect your business.

CRN 65456 Marketing & Sales on a Lean Budget
July 24, 12–1 pm

It is imperative for a business to develop an overall online prospecting strategy which facilitates growth of revenue and meets sales objectives. To acquire new customers, you must fi nd them. But what’s the best approach for a campaign which establishes your business and presents products and services to prospective customers? Discover proven essential strategies for generating sales.

CRN 65458 Legal Dos & Don’ts
August 7, 12–1 pm

With the absence of a Human Resources Department, business entrepreneurs are required to wear many hats. Without legal experience, how do you protect your business investment? Learn about fundamental rules and regulations that ensure your business is a safe and healthy place to work. Learn more about critical compliance requirements, as well as scenarios to avoid from a seasoned attorney.

CRN 65457 Small Business Consulting Advice
August 21, 12–1 pm

This Q & A invites small businesses to take advantage of technical assistance support. This session is geared toward micro-enterprises (5 employees or less) and will highlight business counseling assistance and resources available.

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