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Mount Wachusett Community College Department of Workforce Development delivers high quality corporate instruction and workforce development training at the most affordable prices for businesses in the North Central Massachusetts service area. From assisting companies with accessing Workforce Training Fund grants to delivering top-notch customized contract training, anytime, anywhere.

Why Train your Employees?

  • Cross-train employees to perform additional functions.
  • Improve employee communication skills.
  • Spend less time correcting mistakes.
  • Help your employees become adaptable to change.
  • Improve sales and increase profit.

MWCC has delivered training at over 150 companies across the state. From a single, stand-alone training module for six people to certificate programs for 75, MWCC provides highly acclaimed corporate training tailored to specific learning objectives, goals, and budget.

MWCC offers the following services to businesses in North Central Massachusetts:

  • Grant Writing and Grant Management
    MWCC can help you access training funds through the Workforce Training Fund, as well as manage your grant upon approval. By providing low cost training, we can help you get more training out of available resources.
  • Customized Contract Training
    For our most popular training programs, we can deliver with as little as one week’s notice.
  • Professional Development
    From AMA University certificates, to individual customized training programs, MWCC can offer quality professional development for all levels of your workforce.
  • Event Management:
    Need help planning your next big event? MWCC can provide you with the staff and planning resources and expertise that you need.
  • Computer Training
    Microsoft Suite including Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and more.
  • American Management Association University Certificate Program
  • Process Improvement courses including Lean Manufacturing, Lean for the Office, Six Sigma, OSHA, ISO, Project Management and Energy Management.

For more information . . .

To learn how MWCC can offer a training solution to you or your employees, contact a Workforce Training Representative at 978-630-9575 or email training@mwcc.mass.edu

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