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MWCC Leominster Students Working Together

While entire degree/certificate programs cannot be entirely completed at the Leominster Campus, you can take classes leading to the completion of several programs. Please contact the Office of Admissions at 978-630-9110 for more information.

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When Are Classes in Leominster Offered?


  • 9–11:40AM
  • 1–3:40PM
  • 5:15–8PM
  • Full semester Friday classes meet 9–11:30AM

SUMMER Session I & Session II

  • 9AM–12:45PM
  • 5:15–9PM

Take an Accelerated Course

You can take classes in a 8 week or full semester format at MWCC’s Leominster Campus. Two 8 week cycles are offered in the fall and spring semesters. Two five-week course sessions are offered every summer.

Check the academic calendar for when cycles begin.