MWCC 50th Anniversary

MWCC celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding, starting in January 2013 and ending with the anniversary date in November with a gala event.

This event-filled and exciting year was devoted to:

  • Community and student events
  • Celebration of the college’s role in the community
  • Recognizing the contributions of our students, alumni, staff, and faculty to Central Massachusetts
  • Our thousands of alumni, staff, and faculty – past and present

These pages now serve as an archive for the extensive and exciting schedule of activities that occurred for MWCC’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

These 50th Anniversary webpages feature:

  • highlights of our first half-century
  • interactive social media
  • historical photos and videos
  • browse-able college yearbooks
  • tributes to employees who have devoted 25 years or more of their live to MWCC

It will continue to give you the opportunities to interact with us, stroll down memory lane, and share our plans and goals for the future – our next 50 years!

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