Edward R. Cronin

Bob CroninEdward R. “Bob” Cronin, 1969 – 2006
Professor of English

I started teaching at the Mount in 1969—the Vietnam War was raging, my son was six months old, and faculty and students shuttled—until 1974—between three old campus buildings.  During my career, I have been Chair of the Faculty and Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee and as such, I played a part in the establishment of a new College constitution (still in effect, I hope.)

I’m proud of the new courses I enjoyed developing and teaching: Mystery Fiction, Science Fiction, and, above all, Shakespeare, which I taught for three years as the honors English component in the Honor’s Program. I have happy memories also of over twenty years of teaching Film Appreciation as the course always changed, and the technology moved from reel-to-reel, video tapes, laser discs, and DVDs. (Digital projection may be next?)