Herman Gelbwasser

Herman GelbwasserHeman GelbwasserHerman Gelbwasser, 1965 – 2010
Professor of Chemistry

During the 2010 Commencement Ceremony, Herman Gelbwasser was honored for his years of service by being appointed to Professor Emeritus Status. The May 20, 2010 Resolution appears below.

BE IT RESOLVED by those present that the following resolution has been recommended by the Executive Council, the President, the Faculty, and has been acted upon by the College’s Board of Trustees.

WHEREAS, we honor Professor Herman Gelbwasser for his dedication to the teaching and learning profession; and

WHEREAS, during his forty-five years of service as Professor of Mathematics and Chemistry at Mount Wachusett Community College, he has earned the admiration and respect of students, friends, and colleagues; and

WHEREAS, we recognize Herman Gelbwasser’s contribution to the College through his work on the College’s Academic Affairs Committee, Mathematics and Chemistry departments and numerous NEASC Accreditation Committees; and

WHEREAS, we pay tribute to Herman Gelbwasser for his long-time service to his students and his ability to meet new challenges with enthusiasm; and

WHEREAS, we acknowledge that Herman Gelbwasser will be remembered as one of the finest and longest serving mathematics and chemistry instructors in the history of Mount Wachusett Community College; and

WHEREAS, Mount Wachusett Community College extends to Herman Gelbwasser its best wishes for many years of happiness during his future endeavors; and

BE IT THEREFORE FURTHER RESOLVED, that Professor Herman Gelbwasser be appointed Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Chemistry at Mount Wachusett Community College with all rights, privileges, and responsibilities attendant to his appointment.