Kenneth A. Takvorian

Kenneth TakvorianKenneth A. Takvorian, 1970 – present
Professor of Mathematics and Electronics

As a young man, MWCC found me engaged as a director of a YMCA travel camp of 45 young boys traveling across America.

Initially, I taught Calculus and College Math for 10 years. As the Electronics program was expanding I was called into service teaching for the Electronics Technician program on campus and for Simplex /Tyco employees for over 20 years. My present schedule involves teaching a variety of math courses with the development of the Emporium Math Classroom with Mastery Learning.

MWCC has been a large part of my life from involvement as advisor to the Auto Club, Travel Club and the Ski Club to teaching at all campuses. My 3 children (my 1st born at 2 weeks attended Theater at the Mount) and my wife have shared the many wonderful opportunities that MWCC offers.

I am proud of the many accomplishments and the successes my students have obtained through their persistence and effort. It is great to hear about their many achievements. When past students stop me on the street and say “thanks for believing in me,” I know I have made a difference in their lives. MWCC fulfills dreams and I am very proud my part.