Paula K. d’Entremont

Paula d'EntremontPaula K. d’Entremont, 1973 – 2001
Professor of Nursing

I had the privilege of joining the MWCC faculty when the nursing program was in its infancy. The first nursing class was entering their second year in the program when I was recruited as a member of the second year faculty along with George Frazee and Sara Kajel. It was a new adventure for me as associate degree nursing was new and unfamiliar to many in the area. As a result, I found myself a public relations person of sorts attempting to convince the public and especially nurses that yes indeed we can educate a competent nurse in two years. Having taught in a diploma as well as a practical nursing program, I soon became aware of a new challenge for me. I learned that these students were different than those whom I had taught previously. Not only were they confronted with a challenging curriculum, they often were juggling families and jobs. Many struggled to find the time to meet all their obligations, but they were highly motivated. I am proud to have met these men and women who worked so diligently to achieve their goal of becoming a registered nurse.

The nursing program at the Mount has added many competent nurses to the workforce as well as allowing many to achieve a goal which they could not have done without this program. As I meet many of these graduates in health care settings as well as out in the public, it is rewarding to learn of their accomplishments. I am humbled to know that I was a member of the nursing faculty of MWCC who helped them achieve their goal.