Raymond V. Coleman

Raymond ColemanRaymond V. Coleman, 1966 – 2007 (full time), 2007 – 2013 (adjunct)
Chairman, Human Services Department;
Director of International Education

I’ve been connected with MWCC for 47 of the 50 years of the college’s existence in the capacity of both a full and part-time instructor. I enjoyed teaching courses in the behavioral sciences, history, and geography not only at the main campus in Gardner, but at the Fort Deven’s Extension, Leominster Campus, Prison Program, Digital Computers, and Online Continuing Education. These various settings were challenging, and I estimate I had contact with over 17,000 students over the span of years. I organized trips to various European countries, including England, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, as a cross-cultural experience for students, most of whom were never previously out of their native land, and these foreign ventures enhanced the participants’ international education.