Vincent S. Ialenti

Vincent S. Ialenti 2011Vincent S. IalentiVincent S. Ialenti, 1970 – 2018
Dean, Academic and Institutional Technology

As a faculty member at MWCC for 33 years and then more recently in my role as a manager, I have been fortunate that the field I am in and the areas that I now manage are ever-changing.

Change requires constant upgrading of my skill sets and knowledge which can sometimes be overwhelming, but I have often said to myself, “This is a great job… I get paid to learn.”

The climate at MWCC has always been encouraging to try new things and move in new directions. There has never been a day as an instructor or administrator that I have not looked forward to going to work. Guess that is why I have been here for so long.

I treasure the good old days with my past colleagues, and I find the current generation of MWCC employees to be exciting and forward thinking. I am glad that they still ask the “old guy” for advice.

My long tenure gives me a perspective on the college’s past and where it is heading. It was exciting to move into the new campus, and it is just as exciting to face today’s opportunities and challenges facing higher education.