MWCC Inauguration Seal [Inauguration of President James L. Vander Hooven]

Inauguration speakers include

Inaugural Host: Candace Shivers
Alumni Greeting:  Kenneth Basque
 Welcoming Remarks:  Robert Antonioni
 Student Greeting:  Samantha Stiles
 Faculty & Professional Staff Greeting:   Dr. Rosanne Morel
 Support Staff Greeting:  William Poulin
 The Great & General Court Greeting:  Honorable Anne Gobi
 The Great & General Court Greeting:  Honorable Jonathan Zlotnik
  U.S. Congress Greeting:  Honorable Niki Tsongas
 Department of Higher Education Greeting:  Dr. Carlos E. Santiago
 MWCC Foundation, Inc. Greeting: Raymond J. Martino
 The City of Gardner:  Honorable Mark Hawke
 Honored Guest Speaker:  Dr. Suzanne E. Estler