How It Works

The program consists of three options. You can participate independently, as a division and/or as part of the SERV (Employees Responding as Volunteers) Program which is a paid-for-service opportunity and is limited by employee eligibility and other factors. Division Challenge and Independent Participation are open to all employees pending supervisory approval.

1. Independent Participation:

This option provides a venue for those individuals interested in volunteering, on their own time, for organization(s) they choose. Independent volunteering may be used in conjuction with the SERV Program described below if all if all eligibility and approval criteria has been met.

You will be asked to advise us of the volunteer activity and submit participant hours via email. In turn, we will log your participation and include those figures in the overall volunteer contributions made by Mount Wachusett Community College employees as a whole.

2. Division Challenge:

Divisions come up with a cause or issue they can feel passionate about. It could be environmental, domestic abuse, children’s organizations, animal shelters, and mental health… whatever issue they are interested in. Then Karin Oliveira or her assistant Elizabeth Ashmore, through Community Builders, can assist each division with a selection of volunteer opportunities in the community. Choosing a cause should be done with great thought. The more committed the employees are to the issue the greater personal fulfillment they will receive as a result of participation. The division or team should come with a general interest category surrounding a particular issue or cause they are interested in and then schedule a meeting with Karin. This information will allow Karin to research and present potential opportunities at the meeting. If both the volunteer program and the individual employees are eligible for SERV program… those hours can be incorporated into those contributed within the division challenge.

3. The SERV Challenge: State Employees Responding as Volunteers Program:

Governor Patrick has introduced a new hours-for-pay program committed to enticing eligible employees to serve in a volunteer capacity. Employees may receive pay for the equivalent of one work day per calendar month. Time can be broken up into shorter periods (i.e. two half days or shorter periods).

What happens if a SERV participant exceeds the allotted hours they can receive compensation for?

They can be recognized for the full number of donated hours in either the Division Challenge or Independent Participation Challenge. Although there isn’t monetary compensation the employee is recognized for the full amount of time they’ve contributed.

Where do I go for detailed information and/or forms?

Forms can be found in the sidebar of this page.

Volunteer Restriction

Time spent as an MWCC representative at a paid community event such as a nonprofit fundraiser. These events are based on a purchased ticket with a meal and/or entertainment received in return.

Employee Recognition Strategies

Employee recognition program:
The human resources department will include a component that recognizes volunteerism in two areas: the most volunteer hours devoted by a division and by an individual employee.

  • Employee Contribution Challenge: The employee with the greatest number of volunteer hours will be recognized. Sharyn Rice has generously agreed to seek a sponsor to provide dinner for two and an overnight stay at a local hotel.
  • Division Challenge: This challenge applies to the division that has accumulated the greatest number of volunteer hours over the course of the year. Sharyn Rice has generously agreed to solicit a sponsor to provide dinner for the winners of the challenge at a local restaurant.

Letter of Commendation: Any employee or division that displays extraordinary community service that surpasses all expectations will receive a letter of commendation from the president to place in their personnel file.