Sunshine and Tree

Mount Wachusett Community College utilizes a 5 kWe photovoltaic array to increase our energy security and reduce our dependence on electricity from the grid.

In April 2006, the College submitted and application to the Internal Revenue Service to qualify for a Clean Renewable Energy Bond (CREB) to install an additional 100 kWe of photovoltaic panels on the main building. Our partners include the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, Mass Development Finance Agency, and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs; Sustainability Office on this $870,000 project.

Previous to submittal of our proposal, a feasibility analysis and report was performed by a photovoltaic specialist. According to this analysis this location has all the attributes necessary to support the design and installation of a large photovoltaic system without additional roof, building or electrical room modifications.

This project is expected to produce 122,000 kWh annually. The photovoltaic installment will utilize low angle support racks of a non-roof penetrating design. The flat roof of this three story building has large unobstructed open areas that can be utilized to arrange significant surface areas of PV modules.

Summer 2007 Update

Mount Wachusett Community College’s application for a Clean Renewable Energy Bond was approved by the US IRS for a 100 kW photovoltaic array. Funding has been secured as follows:

  • $310,000 bond that the College will repay over 15 years
  • $560,000 grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative; Clean Renewable Energy Fund

Summer 2007 Update

In preparation of the new 100kw photovoltaic array, the College recently installed a new white thermoplastic roof membrane developed by Duro-Last Roofing Inc. Also included in this project was additional insulation. The white roof is expected to increase the efficiency of the new solar panels by reducing heat.

The 100kw photovoltaic array contract has been signed and installation is expected in fall 2008.