Student Profiles

Adam Gelinas, Computer Information Systems

At MWCC I learned all the fundamentals required to succeed in the field of software engineering. The CIS curriculum gives students a broad and solid foundation on which to build.
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Gemini Walter, Human Services (Adult Basic Education) 2017 Graduate

"I grew up below poverty level and school, education just wasn’t a priority. I dropped out of high school. I had no real formal education, or goals, or ambitions to even go to school. That’s…
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Jose Herrera-Ruiz, Computer Information Systems Graduate

“MWCC gave me a solid foundation that I keep building on in all of my classes at UMASS Lowell. It was a smart idea to get my associate’s degree first. It helped me with jobs…
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Marymar Perez Crus, Human Services

"The Mount helped me achieve my goals because of the flexibility it offers. Knowing that I have options helped me because of the busy life that I have."
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Kaleigh Peterson, Class of 2020

"MWCC allowed me to blossom, and see myself as the intelligent and capable woman I am. It alleviated my fears of higher ed and provided me with the chance I needed to change my life."
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Cassie Carlson, Class of 2019, Human Services Degree

Having been out of the Marine Corps for over fifteen years, I didn’t feel like I deserved the help, and quite honestly, I had trust issues. Had I not finally given in, I would not…
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Jessica Decker, Class of 2019, Nursing

Mount Wachusett became my answer to the question ‘what if’? What if I have a support system so amazing that I begin to accomplish things I had previously only dreamed of? Mount Wachusett is that…
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Charlie Greco, Class of 2019, Public Relations Certificate

I found myself being inspired and motivated by students old enough to be my grandchildren and then something unexpected happened along the way; I found myself again; a second chance to make an impact on…
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Lily Carr, Class of 2015, Natural Resources

"My Natural Resources degree gave me the skills and knowledge to launch my career with the Department of Conservation and Recreation and truly helped me excel. I get to work outside and it is such…
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Kaitlyn Fales, 2018, Business Administration

“Being a part of a community college is a whole body and mind experience - you can’t just come and take classes. I’ve made so many friends that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.”
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