Bellevue University


Minimum Qualifications: Complete requirements available in Advising Center – room 125 (Gardner Campus).


Bellevue University Transfer Website

Kimberly Snow – Community College Relationship Manager
315-731-5848 or 315-292-4478

Cost Summary

Cost of attending MWCC for 2.5 years plus Bellevue University for 18 months:
MWCC – Associate Degree: *(60 credits x $190) $11,400
MWCC – 18 additional credits: (18 credits x $190) (Financial aid available for qualifying students) $3,420
Bellevue University– 49 credits: **(49 credits x $410) $20,090
Cost of four-year undergraduate degree: $34,910
*This figure is based on 78 MWCC credits and 49 BU credits.

Transfer Grants and Phi Theta Kappa grants available! Please inquire for more information.

Costs shown include tuition only– fees and other charges may apply. Costs are subject to change without notice.


MWCC Associate Degree

Bellevue University Degree

All MWCC degrees To see applicable degree programs go to their Web Portal