Career Exploration

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Career Exploration

Whether you’re determining which major is right for you or which career path to take.  Career exploration is where to start.  The Advising Center offers Career and Major Exploration, Career Assessments, Career Workshops, and Career Path Guidance.   Please contact our Career Counselor below for more info.

  • Femi Stoltz Academic Counselor –Perkins Career and Technical Programs Career Advisor – |   978-630-9308

MassCIS – Career Assessments:

MassCIS is a great place to explore career opportunities in depth. With the assistance of this site, students can fine-tune their career goals, learn more about themselves, and plan their education.

By using the website and working with MWCC’s Career Counselor you can explore what occupations best match your interests and skills, find out about employment opportunities in your area, and even learn if the career you are hoping for will support the lifestyle you desire.

  • Visit the MassCIS website – and set up your account:
  • Click on the “Massachusetts Resident” tab
  • Choose “MassCIS Adult”
  • Choose your city/town and enter your zip code, then click “sign in”
  • Choose Explore your Occupation Matches
  • Chose from four assessments:  Reality Check, Skills, Interest Profiler, and Occupation Sort
  • Contact MWCC’s Career Counselor to discuss results!

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Career Coach

Career Coach is an online tool where you can connect your career dreams with reality by matching your professional goals with our degrees and certificates. Learn more about Career Coach!