MassCIS LogoMassCIS is a great place to explore career opportunities in depth. With the assistance of this site, students can fine tune their career goals, learn more about themselves, and plan their education.

By using the website and working with MWCC’s Career Counselor you can explore what occupations best match your interests and skills, find out about employment opportunities in your area, and even learn if the career you are hoping for will support the lifestyle you desire.

Using the site is simple:

Step One: Creating Your Account

  • Visit the MassCIS website
  • Click on Massachusetts Resident tab
  • Click on Mass CIS Adult
  • Use drop down bar for City and Zip Code
  • Click on Create MY CIS Portfolio (on far right – Black rectangle)
  • Click on Create MY CIS Portfolio (on right- Blue writing)
  • Complete form
  • Submit
  • Click on Yes or No to allow the career counselor to see your results

Step Two: Finding Your Interests

  • Click on Assessment (top of screen- Red bar)
  • Click on Interest Profiler (within drop down menu- White rectangle)
  • Complete Rate the Activities
  • Submit results
  • Save for future use