New Programs

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In an effort to provide our current and future students with new courses of study that prepare them to enter the workforce or transfer to a four year college or university upon graduating, we are constantly exploring and adding new programs of study to our curriculum. This year we have added seven new degree programs. Information and links to explore more about each degree will be provided below.


This staple degree program offers the perfect introduction to anyone interested in pursuing a career related to biological science. The curriculum allows scientific thinkers to explore the many elements of biology while also completing the core classes needed to graduate. This two year associate’s degree meets the requirements needed for the Mass STEM Transfer Block making it easy for students to transfer to other state schools after graduation. Students who choose to pursue this degree can expect to have many hands-on labs and courses in subjects such as Genetics and Nutrition as well as other science programs. This pre-professional program is applicable to aspiring physicians, veterinarians, dentists and pharmacists.

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Earth/ Environmental Science

If you are a motivated individual looking to explore and learn about the earth we live in, our Earth/Environmental Science degree is the perfect match for you. This program allows students to explore the science and ideas behind our environment. Students can expect to take courses in Geology, Ecology, and Environmental Science. This promising field holds many high-paying and important jobs for graduates. This degree is designed for transferring and contains the core curriculum needed to progress to a four-year college or university.

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Engineering and Physics

We are now offering an associates degree in the expansive field of physics. With a curriculum heavy in math and science, students will be ready to transfer to a four year institute upon completion of the program. Students who choose to pursue a degree and career in physics can expect to learn about the modern technologies that have impacted our lives, and be a part of future discoveries. With high paying jobs this is a promising field for students looking to satisfy their scientific curiosity.

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If you are an individual who is interested in medicine, science, and helping educate people on their health, a career in Pharmacy could be for you. This two-year degree sets students up to transfer into four-year colleges or universities, making it easy to continue pursuing a career in pharmacy. Pharmacists make up a vital part of our healthcare system by specializing in how we use, inform, and distribute medications. Students can expect to learn how they can help heal clients and have a positive impact on society.

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If you enjoy conducting experiments, thinking critically, and analyzing data, you will excel in our Chemistry program. By choosing to major in Chemistry you will explore chemical reactions and begin to understand how and why they work the way they do. This degree program offers students many hands-on labs and a curriculum heavy in science. Many unique, high-paying jobs come along with this science-oriented degree.

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Criminal Justice – Transfer

This versatile two-year associate’s degree in Criminal Justice will be perfect for you if you are fast-thinking and up for a challenge. Students who are looking to learn about criminal violations, how to safely enforce the law, and how to keep citizens safe will be successful in this major. This degree was created with transferability in mind, making it easy for students to transfer to a four year college or university upon completion.

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Math (2019)

Coming soon! Students can expect to see an associates degree in Mathematics by summer of 2019. This new program of study will feature interesting and substantial
classes in math. Courses such as Algebra, Statistics, and Calculus will all be included in the curriculum. Students will develop their critical thinking skills and become excellent problem solvers. Keep an eye out for this promising new program if you are looking to pursue a math-related career. This degree program is built for transferring to a four-year college or university making it easy for graduates to continue their education.

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