For Faculty

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Recruiting Tutors

Are you a faculty member interested in referring a student to Peer Tutor position? Here’s what you need to know:

  • All tutors must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.3 and a “B” or higher grade in course/subject area they are tutoring
  • To refer a current student to a tutor position, speak with the student first and complete THIS form should they choose to apply.
  • We have open pools for peer tutors (current students, no prior degree), paraprofesional tutors (earned Associate’s degree), and professional tutors (earned Bachelor’s degree).

Promoting Tutor Use

Without the support of MWCC faculty, the Academic Support Center would not be able to serve students as well as we do. We rely on faculty to provide a number of key services:

  • recommend qualified peer tutors
  • announce our services to classes
  • enable the “tutoring” link in Blackboard
  • bring classes to our center for a tour
  • arrange for someone from the center to visit classes

Hearing about the Academic Support Center from an instructor encourages students to explore the resources available to them. Below is a sample paragraph about the Academic Support Center that you could include on your syllabus.


Sample Description for Your Syllabus

Tutoring is available to students for FREE both in person and online! The Academic Support Center (located in the Gardner campus library) provides walk-in and appointment based tutoring on the Gardner and Leominster campuses as well as web-based tutoring through a program called ThinkingStorm. Learn more at