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In Person Tutoring

MATH tutors provide help in all mathematics from arithmetic to calculus and statistics, as well as assistance with mathematical concepts in business, nursing, and natural and social science courses. If you are in need of calculus help make sure to check the schedule and come when there is a tutor that can assist with the course level you need!

WRITING tutors help students apply the basic principles of composition, editing skills, and revision of writing projects in ALL courses.

For the spring 2018 semester our tutor schedule will be as follows:

English & Math  GARDNER  Schedule

English & Math LEOMINSTER  Schedule

OTHER SUBJECTS BY APPOINTMENT: We have tutors available for certain subjects on a sign up/show up basis as well. Call us at least 24 hours before the time slot and we will bring someone in for you. If you do not call ahead, there will not be a tutor here! Our number is 978-630-9333.

sp18 sign up show up schedule

If we don’t have the class you need listed, come see us on the first floor of the library and we will do our best to find a tutor for you!

Online Tutoring: ThinkingStorm

Access online ThinkingStorm tutoring through any of your Blackboard classes.

  • Live chat with a tutor, 10AM-4AM, 7 days a week, in Math, Statistics, Biology (109, 110, 205), Chemistry, and Physics
  • Set up an appointment to live chat in Writing, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Nursing, Anatomy and Physiology, Computing, and Spanish
  • Submit a paper 24/7 for review

Questions? Call us at 978-630-9333 for assistance.

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