Additional Training Options

Training Seminars

Training seminars are a low-cost alternative for your employees to receive training in a variety of areas. Whether stand-alone or as part of a series, the course content is usually topical. For example, seminars may focus on Strategies in Social Media, Sales or Process Improvement to deliver current, concise professional business training which is relevant to your business.


MWCC offers professional workshops by partnering with the local area Career Center and Chambers of Commerce.  The Massachusetts Governor’s Administration has set forth a clear vision for the Commonwealth’s workforce development system. “All Massachusetts residents will have the competencies, employment skills, and education to support themselves and their families and to live a quality life. All Massachusetts employers will have access to the skilled and educated workforce necessary to remain competitive in a dynamic global economy”. MWCC can provide business training or regularly scheduled workshops or professional development in areas such as English as a Second Language, Process Improvement, and Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


If you are looking to supplement training at your office, your employees can benefit from training at any time. We can provide a host of business topics which you can customize for your own employees. This is another cost-effective training alternative with a highly interactive information sharing experience. If you have a business that relies on regular meetings and staff development workshops – webinars provide convenient access to training without incurring travel expenses.