Grants FAQs

What are the guidelines for the Workforce Training Fund?

All trainees must be employed in Massachusetts. Trainees cannot be government employees. The business or labor organization applying for a grant must pay into the Workforce Training Fund and must be current with all state taxes and liabilities. A certified copy of a certificate of good standing from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue must be provided by any Workforce Training Fund grant applicant prior to being approved for grant funds.

What are the deadlines and turn around times?

MWCC needs four to six weeks to assist your organization with writing a competitive grant application.

What is the company contribution?

Companies are required by the Workforce Training Fund to match training funds either by cash or in-kind, for example: salary of staff to be trained, purchasing of text books, travel, facility rental, etc.

Who supplies training?

MWCC will be your training provider or we can subcontract with your preferred vendor if you have someone in mind for training.

Grant funds available?

Grants between $2,000 and $250,000 may be awarded. The following priorities reflect the Workforce Training Fund’s major focus:

  1. Projects that will result in job retention, job growth, or increased wages.
  2. Projects where training would make a difference in the company’s productivity, competitiveness, and ability to do business in Massachusetts.
  3. Projects where the applicants or partner(s) have made a commitment to provide significant private investment in training for the duration of the grant, and after the grant has expired.

What is the grant length limit?

Training for the General Program training grant must be completed within 24 months from the start date provided by the Workforce Training Fund upon approval of the grant.

Our Commitment to You

MWCC provides the grant writing service at no cost provided your company agrees to contract with us for all your training needs resulting from a grant submission.