For Faculty and Professional Staff

Welcome to Our New Faculty Liaison to Study Abroad!

In summer 2019 we welcomed Kara Roche as our new faculty liaison to study abroad, and we couldn’t be more excited to provide our faculty with such an exciting liaison. One of her first initiatives is to lead a group of faculty to San Jose’, Costa Rica to tour the on-site facilities. This gives professors interested in offering a faculty led study abroad program the opportunity to experience first hand what it will be like to take students to a foreign country as part of a course.

Grants are available to lecture, conduct research, or participate in seminars abroad. Learn more:

The Netherlands Exchange Program

This program is only open to community college faculty/staff/administrators. A two-week fall (Dutch visit USA) and spring (USA visit Dutch), professionally-matched, home-stay opportunity gives participants the opportunity to experience first hand life in a community college in the Netherlands, to build your resume’ and increase your networking possibilities.

Talk with past MWCC participants: Tina Wilson, Heidi McCann, and Paul Swerzenski

Visiting Lecturers

Membership in the Massachusetts Council for International Education (MaCIE) provides an opportunity for MWCC faculty and professional staff to request a lecturer to visit the campus to give a lecture and/or be a resource related to international education.

Refer a Student for Study Abroad

For-credit opportunities available: year long, semester long, summer and short term study.


Tracey Betts Sarefield
Study Abroad