For Faculty and Professional Staff

Grants are available to lecture, conduct research, or participate in seminars abroad. Learn more:

Council for International Exchange of Scholars & Fulbright Program Opportunities

The Netherlands Exchange Program

A two-week fall (Dutch visit USA) and spring (USA visit Dutch), professionally-matched, home-stay opportunity. Talk with past MWCC participants: Tina Wilson, Heidi McCann, and Paul Swerzenski

MWCC Partnership Programs

Participate in a home-based stay and professionally-matched short-term program, or request a distance-education co-teacher or guest-teacher, or to accept a foreign student into your BlackBoard course. Talk with past MWCC participants: Ray Coleman and Vin Ialenti.

Visiting Lecturers

This opportunity allows MWCC faculty and professional staff to request a lecturer to visit the campus, to give a lecture and/or be a resource related to international education.

Refer a Student for Study Abroad!

For-credit opportunities available: year long, semester long, summer and short term study.


Dr. Laurie Occhipinti
Dean, Liberal Arts, Education, Humanities and Communications