Alice in Wonderland (2001)

Directed by Gail Steele
Music Directed by Zach Hamel
Choreographed by Darlene Dickson

In this imaginative musical adaptation, Lewis Carroll’s unflappable young hering takes a tumble down an enchanted rabbit hole to an off-kilter world of mock turtles, dancing flora, punctual rabbits and mad tea parties, where playing cards hold court and nothing is as it seems. The March Hare, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat and all the beloved characters appear in this madcap musical romp.

Starring: Hilary Chadwick, Elizabeth Rousseau, SueDiRusso, Molly Winikaiinen, Regina Carlo, Emily Ragusa, Cara Saudelli, Keith Mistler, Marisa Davis, Jake Warren, Monica McNamara, Dan Caron, Tom Hardy, Liz Coakley, Joey McNamara, David Prescott and many others,