A Chorus Line (1998)

Directed by Gail Steele
Music Directed by Diane Cushing
Choreographed by Matt Daigle

A Chorus Line kicked its way into Gardner in the summer of “98. They’re all looking for a big break, but who will get the job? A musical exploration into the lives and loves of all performers everywhere, this show is a one-in-a-lifetime “Singular Sensation.” Winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

Starring: Michael LaCava, Bob Faw, Trish Aponte, Julie Capone, Hillary Steele, Elena Seymour, Sarah Huddleston, Sophie Donelson, Valerie Miller, Laure Marcinkewicz, Lindy Gibbons, Jared Pedjoe, Jonathan Earls, Graham Rickert, Matt Daigle, Sean Higgins, Chris Cassello, Craig Cormier, Adam Sides, Laura Dignard, Pam Gladding, Patricia Bernaola, Jessica Hoffman, Matthew Smith and Ryan O’Mara