Dancing Spider (1997)

Directed by Sandie Couture
Music Directed by Deb Bonneau
Choreographed by Heidi Hogan

The plot of The Dancing Spider, drawn from West African folktales and enhanced by songs based on authentic African rhythms, forms and themes, concerns the trickster-hero Ananse, who spends his time dreaming up ways to get others to do his work and so ends up in some hilarious predicaments. Hugh, menacing Leopard and Lion try to intimidate Ananse, but he outwits them both.

Starring: Geoffrey Pickering, Melissa Gates, Chris Robison, Sophie Wagner, Cara Saudelli, Sarah Anderson, Molly Wiinikainen, Hilary Chadwick, Emily Ragusa, Juliana Gordon, Sadie MacDougall, Kristen Murray, Ari Lew, Olivia Cushing, Kira Lew, Noelle Bonneau, Whitney DiGeronimo, Hannah Waight, Stephanie Antononi, Torre Stupak, Monica McNamara, Hannah Sides, and an ensemble of singers and dancers