The Diary of Anne Frank (1987)

Directed by Joan Webber

The Diary of Anne Frank is an inspiring story of perseverance and hope, which serves as a timeless lesson that the spirit of a child is impossible to deny. The play is dramatized by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett from the novel Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, edited by Otto Frank. Second only to the Bible, The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the world’s most read books. Set during one of history’s most brutal periods, the Holocaust, the play is based on the actual diary of a young girl who comes of age while hiding from the Nazis in a tiny, overcrowded attic with her family for more than two years. During their confinement, Anne discovers herself as a beautiful, thoughtful, and extraordinary girl. Her story is a constant reminder to us all of the power of the human spirit.

Starring: Brian Miner, Carol Boris, Charline Lloyd, Brian O’Connell, Christopher Franklin, Aleta Manugian, Beth Labrousse, Jennifer Loosemore, Robert Whipple and Mike Gaston