The Fabulous Fable Factory (2003)

Directed by Gail Steele
Music Directed by Deb Bonneau
Choreographed by Jeri Warren
October/November 2003

Monroe wanders into a seemingly abandoned factory and accidentally trips a lever activating the “machinery” (an assembly line of actors who create fabulous fables). The factory owner, Mr. Aloysius A. Aesop, explains that the factory has been idle for over 2,000 years due to a missing part. Aesop introduces Monroe to the machinery: Straucy, the Story Starter; Pluto, the Plot Plotter; Wadsworth, the Word Worker; and Gretel, the Grammar Guardian. They create and enact stories which officially become fable when Monroe surprises everyone by supplying the morals. Aesop and the others are ecstatic over their new-found Moral Maker and perform some of the best fables with bright and charming songs.

Starring: David Bonneau, Maegan Sherblom, Sean Fletcher, Jake Warren, Liz Coakley, Kayleigh Ringer, James Niles-Joyal, Chrissy Tignor, Emily Asher and Sarah Asher.