James and the Giant Peach Jr. (2017)

Directed by Emily Smith
Music Directed by Katrina Baer
Choreographed by Nicole Couture Skorb
April 2017

Roald Dahl’s beloved classic introduces us to one boy, two awful aunts, five larger-than-life insects, and a giant peach! What happens when magic crystals cause a withered old tree to create the largest and most magnificent peach ever seen? Luckily, a boy named James and a handful of bugs just happen to be nearby. When the peach finally snaps free of its stem, it sweeps them, and the audience, along a marvelous adventure from the White Cliffs of Dover all the way to the Empire State Building. This “Masterpeach” of a musical will delight the entire family!

Starring: Caleb Cochrell, Ryan Hartman, Sadie Kennedy, Michael Kozloski, Autumn Ouellet, Ben Peterson, Jackson Ploof, Kaden Scopellitti, Olivia Spoth, and a large ensemble of singers and dancers