Miss Nelson Has a Field Day (2007)

Directed by Emily Smith
Music Directed by Becky Ufema
Choreographed by Thom Hardy
October/November 2007

Miss Nelson and Miss Viola Swamp are back! Guess which one is enlisted to whip the Smedley football team into shape? In this wacky, witty musical the Smedley Tornadoes learn about teamwork, respect, for themselves and others, and the importance of not giving up. Bring your pom-poms and cheer for this delightful sequel to last season’s Miss Nelson is Missing!

Starring: Doug Dame, Andrea Rutkowski, Abigail Ouelett, Libby Collins, Dylan Anderson, Meagan Dame, Alyson Foisy, Tom Moretti, Tyler Simahk, Gabriela Tessitore, Elizabeth Baer, Kaara McHugh, Jason Garceau, Thom Hardy and Bonnie Baer-Simahk