Music Man (1996)

Directed by Peter Landry
Music Direction by David Twiss
Choreographed by Joanne Landry and Peter Landry

The Music Man is the story of Harold Hill, a footloose con man who sets out to take advantage of the citizens of a small, turn-of-the-century Iowa town, but who instead is captivated and morally transformed by the townsfolk. Along the way, he falls in love with the town’s lovely librarian and inspires all with the joy of music. The Music Man won an Oscar for Best Music in 1963, featuring such well-known songs as “76 Trombones,” “Ya Got Trouble,” and “Goodnight Ladies.”

Starring: Aaron Whipple, Sue DiRusso, Anthony Santucci, Meredith Marcinkewicz, Hilary Chadwick, Mark Pacheco, Michael St. Onge, Paul Caouette, Ted Cushing, Rick Woods, Keith Leininger, Lynda Palmer, Melissa Gates, Nicholas Ramey and a large ensemble of children, teens and adults