Nunsense Jamboree (1999)

Directed by Sandie Couture
Music Directed by Diane and Ted Cushing
Choreographed by Susie Michaud

In Nunsense I, when a wacky nun known as Sister Mary Amnesia regained her memory she recalled that she always wanted to be a country singer. In Nunsense II her dream became one step closer to reality when Reverend Mother landed a recording contract for her. In this show, Nunsense Jamboree, her dream has been realized as she headlines a brand new show promoting her debut album “I Could’ve Gone to Nashville.” Cheered by audiences and critics alike as funny and fast-paced, this hilarious hoe-down is Nunsense fun with a Laugh-In-Hee-Haw-Grand-Ole-Opry slant.

Starring: Diane Cushing, Lynn Vaillancourt, Trish Aponte, Nancy King, Rick Gale, and Sandie Couture as Reverend Mother