One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (2007)

Directed by Lorien Corbeletti
October 2007

Into Nurse Ratched’s serene, spotless psychiatric ward bursts Randall P. McMurphy, convicted psychotic drifter accustomed to ruling the roost. The inmates’ lives are turned upside down while she and McMurphy lock horns in a battle of hearts and minds in a powerful and poignant theatrical experience.

Starring: Wendy Almeida, Thaddeus Bell, Nicole Couture, Tim Culkeen, Joe DeStadio, Mike Dickson, Andy Francis, Victor Kruczynski, Alison Laverdiere, David Prokowiev, Carolyn Salter, Anthony Santucci, March Schrader, Leandro Strathmeyer, Aaron Whipple.