Starblast (2000)

Directed / Choreographed by Matt Daigle
Music Directed by Deb Bonneau

A young star voyager name P-T-III crashes his spacecraft on a bleak and forbidding planet ruled by the dreaded Starblasters. With only 60 minutes to escape, he encounters a nervous space dragon, a floating Moon Valley girl, two vaudevillian computer robots named Bleep and Blip, some ten-aged space greasers and finally, the awesome Mother Space. Anyone who has ever looked at a star and used his or her imagination will love this delightful musical!

Starring: Sean Comeau, David Caron, Maddie Bonneau, Megan Bradley, Hilary Chadwick, Amanda Feeley, Kary Haddad, Jessica Moryl, Emily Ragusa, Chelsea Young, Hannah Sides, Sara Petersen, Ethan Caouette and a large ensemble