The Universe and Other Stuff (2015)

Directed By Emily Smith, Music Directed by Joanne Landry, Choreographed by Chelsea Young

This musical is a hip-hop, happenin’ history lesson. From dinosaur extinction to Columbus, from the wheel to space exploration, they’re all rediscovered in this clever, chaotic, comical cataclysm of creativity. From the rockin’ “Big Bang” opening number to the stirring finale “Circle of Friends,” The Universe and Other Stuff will bring excitement to history, science and more!

Starring: Max Charbonneau, Caleb Lee, Michael Kosloski, Maxwell Bollous, Alex Marshall, Sadie Kennedy, Kaitlyn Chase, Maggie Chase, Maddie Wilson-Shattuck, Amanda Porter, Abby Boudreau, Autumn Ouellet, Bradley Bartlett-Roche and Kaden Scopilitti