Velveteen Rabbit (2002)

This musical adaptation of Margery Williams’ classic follows the adventures of a toy rabbit as he tries to become real. On his way, the rabbit must deal with the Top Banana Nana who rules the nursery with an iron hand, and other haughty and unfriendly toys. Velveteen Rabbit offers comedy, pathos, adventure and a final triumph for the hero, who learns that love makes all things real.

Starring: Joey Berthiaume, Liz Coakley, Bill Asher, Sue DiRusso, Kyle Traver, Sharon Asher, Keith Mistler, Tom Hardy, Stephanie Tignor, Chrissie Tignor, Francesca Persson And also featuring Marisa Davis, Alyson Foisy, Katie O’Leary, Joey McNamara, Sam Simahk, Stacy Kadesch, Rachelle Gendron, Kayleigh Ringer, Samantha Starapoli, Meredith Peterson, Apyrlle Roberts, Emily Lambert, Heather DeRoy, Alaina Gordon, Hannah D’Alessandro, Sarah Asher, Emily Asher, Jeremy Asher, Ashley Owen, Natalya Bettzig, David Anderson and Carlin Kennedy