We Will Rock You (2018)

Directed by David Allen Prescott

Music Direction by Dave Twiss

Choreography by Kim Corbett

August 2018

WE WILL ROCK YOU takes place in a future age on a planet once called Earth that is now controlled by a mighty corporation … rock music is unheard and all musical instruments are banned. The hope of breaking free rests with an unlikely resistance – an alliance of rebel Bohemians. The show features many of Queen’s chart topping hits including “We Will Rock You,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Radio Gaga,” “Another One Bites the Dust,” “We are the Champions,” and more. It’s the world champion of musicals and the show that rocks harder than any other, so don’t miss the party!

Starring: Joey Andrade, Faith Brodi, Kyle Carlson, Fatima Elmi, Will Gelinas, Leighton Moylan, Caitlin Sausville and a large ensemble of singers, dancers and Bohemians