West Side Story (1999)

Directed and Music Directed by Jeff Williams
Choreographed by Darlene Dickson and Jennie Membrino

West Side Story is the classic American musical of two rival youth gangs in New York City (Jets and Sharks) whose battle for turf and superiority provides the backdrop to an exploration of youth gangs, police relationships, prejudice and the romance of two young people caught in a violent cross-cultural struggle. The electrifying music of Leonard Bernstein and the prophetic lyrics of Stephen Sondheim hauntingly paint a picture as relevant today as it was fifty years ago.

Starring: Antonio Campagna, Chris Casello, Charles Grigaitis, Sean Higgins, Jimmy Hester, Matt Daigle, Gabriel Leel, Craig Cormier, Anthony Kirouac, Nicholas Ramey, Jessica Vescovi, Heather Antonelli, Evan Lalos, Ed Donlan, Paul Caouette and a large ensemble of singers and dancers