Will Rogers Follies (1996)

Directed by Gail Steele
Music Directed by Jeff Williams
Choreographed by Sandie Couture

Will Rogers is famous for saying “I never met a man I didn’t like,” and everyone who saw TAM’s production of The Will Rogers Follies will agree that there has never been a man – or woman – who did not like it. Will Rogers is a legend who transcends decades. This Follies-style tribute is an upbeat celebration of the folk hero who made the world “a whole lot better place” than it was before he entered it.

Starring: Tim Recko, Jodi Sylvester, Trish Aponte, John Sullivan, Taj Musco, Douglas Buell, Paul Caouette, Scott Aponte, Charles Clark, Zach Hamel, Tony Kirouac, Mary Catherine Conley, Bonnie Cicarella, Heidi Mondeau, Ryann Bingham, Lydia Musco, Healther Antonelli, Laura Reifenheiser, Laurie Marcinkewicz, Emily Cushing, Nicole Couture, Hillary Steele, Dawn Young, Laura Dignard, Jennifer Knight, Pat Houle, Janet Perrett, Ethan Caouette, Hannah Sides, Spencer Dickson and Tory Kilcoyne