A Year With Frog and Toad (2012)

Directed by Emily Smith
Music Directed by Katrina Caouette
Choreographed by Johanna Recko, Chris Casello and Thom Hardy

Small fry and big fish alike will enjoy this song-filled comic adventure, nominated for three 2003 Tony Awards including Best Musical. This whimsical story features an unlikely friendship between a cheerful Frog and a rather grumpy Toad and the life lessons they learn during the four seasons of one year.

Starring: Russell Holbert, Wesley Young, Erin Glenny, Vikki Chase, Olivia Ryan, Sadie Kennedy, Merrick Henry, Haley Martin, Kaitlynn Chase, Annie Cormier, Chanelle Goguen, Rory Young, Emily Waystack, Emma Lottig and a large ensemble of singers and dancers