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College Tips

7 Questions Families Should Ask New College Students

Even if your college student does not answer you, it’s helpful just to ask these questions — every time you ask, you plant a seed in their mind. 1. Are you going to class? Students should not miss more than 1-2 classes per semester. Remember, every missed class is a waste of money and a […]

Community College Pros and Cons

Pros Cons Avoid Student Debt: Save Money Then Transfer You can save tens of thousands of dollars by attending a community college. The list price for the Mount is under $4,000 per semester (full-time). Most students at the Mount receive some form of financial aid (59%). 25% of students pay nothing out of pocket! (Part-time students […]

The Deal with Placement Tests

Before your student can be registered for a class, they need to take the College Placement Test (also called the Accuplacer test). This test shows the college how much your student knows about college-level math and English. The college uses these test results to help start students in the classes that best match their skill […]

SMALLeges vs. UniverCITIES

For most students, the search for the “perfect” college begins by the time they enter junior year. For some, even before that. Bombarded by parents, teachers, and social expectations, students begin applying to colleges and universities hoping to be accepted without giving much thought as to whether the school will be a good fit for […]

College Tips From Current MWCC Students

Students at the Mount were asked to provide their best advice and tips to incoming students. Whether you’re coming straight from high school or hoping to further your career and education as a post-traditional student, we want you to have the information you need to be successful and reach your goals. Tip 1 Learn to […]

New Funds to Pay for Summer Classes: Summer Pell Grants

Pell Grants have been available to students in the past, but starting in the summer of 2018, the Financial Aid Office will be introducing a new program: year-round Pell Grants for students. The new year-round Pell, unlike the grant in the past, will allow students to put the money they qualify for towards fall, spring, […]

Choosing the Mount by Ashley McHugh

If you met me three years ago, you knew I had no intentions of going to college. My high school didn’t push college, so I felt as though I didn’t have to apply myself and went straight into the work force after graduation. I can tell you from personal experience that it was not my forte. […]