Employer Services

MWCC Job Fair

Welcome Employers!

Mount Wachusett Community College is pleased to assist our employers in meeting their employment needs, be it for full-time, part-time or temporary positions. Employers may draw from a talented pool of students pursuing Certificates and Associate Degrees, as well as students attending the college to update their current skills.

Employers choosing to take part in our college recruiting programs are asked to meet the following minimum guidelines:

  • Provide us with a written statement/advertisement of their opportunities via email outlining specifics of the job. (Seebelow)
  • Rate of pay for all paid positions must meet the Massachusetts State minimum wage guidelines or the minimum wage guidelines for the state of hire.
  • Compensation structure of paid positions must be disclosed in full.
  • All employers and third-party organizations choosing to utilize the career services offered by Mount Wachusett Community College must comply with EEOC guidelines.
  • Cooperative Education/Internship positions must comply with the Federal FLSA.

Consider taking part in the Mount Wachusett Community College On-Campus Recruiting Program!

Employers offering paid positions on a full-time, part-time, or temporary basis and who meet the posted criteria are welcome to sign up as our ‘Employer of the Day’.

One employer per day is invited to ‘sit’ our recruiting table, located in a high-traffic hallway for maximum visibility to our students. This table provides a good opportunity for you to introduce your company to our students, as well as to meet our students one-on-one.  Gain company recognition with our student body and faculty, as well as meet potential hires!

Employers may reserve a table from 10am – 1pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during Fall and Spring terms.  Contact us to reserve a table and date!

Mount Wachusett Community Colleges offers a variety of experiential education opportunities, including cooperative education experiences, thereby linking our students to employers in the community. The cooperative education experience offered to our students is an effort to integrate the knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. We welcome employers to contact us if you would like to pursue the possibility of hiring a student for a cooperative education experience.

Cooperative Education is considered a 3-credit elective course and the length of the experience corresponds to the start of our fall and spring terms. Therefore, discussions of employer and student needs, as well as job descriptions and student applications, need to be complete in advance of the term start date. Cooperative education positions tend to start the first week in September and the last week of January, and the experience lasts for the full 13-week term. Students average 15 hours of work per week, totaling 195 hours for the term, in order to receive the full 3 credits for the course.

Each spring term, Mount Wachusett Community College conducts a Career Fair on the Gardner campus. Students from all campuses, including Devens and Leominster, are invited to attend! There is no cost to attend the Career Fair, though employers are required to register in advance and to provide preliminary information to the Coordinator of Career Planning & Placement.

Employers are confirmed on a “first come, first served” basis, as space is limited.

If you would like more information, please Contact us.

Mount Wachusett Community College welcomes the military to recruit on-campus.  Military recruiters are expected to follow the same guidelines as our private industry and not-for-profit employers.  We ask that any recruiting, interviewing or dissemination of information to our students take place at the recruiting table only, for both our employers and the military.

Recruiters are invited to Contact us to discuss recruiting opportunities at MWCC.

Simply email the following information to Cira Espinosa Feliz

Please include as much of the information below as possible:

  • URL of your job posting
  • Job Title
  • Job Description (brief)
  • Minimum Qualifications/Major
  • Hours: Full-time, Part-time (include shifts), Temporary
  • Website address
  • Contact name and contact information
  • Salary Range (must meet minimum wage guidelines and appropriate tax deduction guidelines)
  • The physical location of headquarters and physical location for the position being advertised
  • Details on how to apply, deadlines and any additional information

Positions targeting specific majors will also be emailed to appropriate faculty. The faculty members will have the option of notifying students of potential job openings in class or via their online learning module.

Alumni Employers

Are you a former student or graduate who is now in the position to hire students? Consider advertising on the MWCC job posting site, a free service to our participating employers! Or perhaps join us for Employer of the Day and reserve a table in a high traffic hallway to recruit students from 10AM–1PM on Mondays through Thursdays. Each spring, the college hosts its annual Job Fair. Students enjoy talking with our alumni and learning how they made the transition from the classroom to the work world. There are many ways to get involved!