Job Search Tools

Do you have the right tools to begin your job search?

For a one-on-one advising session to help you make the most of these tools, please email the Career Center.

Conducting an effective job search requires a plan with a realistic goal. Whether you are searching for a part-time position for the first time or you are returning to the workforce and haven’t interviewed for years, the process is the same. Utilizing the skills and resources provided in the following sites can get you on the right track. Treating your job search as you would an actual job keeps you focused and motivated.

Consider the following sites as you design your job search:

  • – Covers everything from individual career assessment to resume and job search strategies,  to job search tools to ‘hot job’ categories.
  • The Commonwealth Employment Opportunities (CEO) – A comprehensive list of current vacancies in the Executive Branch of Massachusetts State government.
  • MassCIS – Click on ‘adult’ to access Mass Information Systems
  • – Massachusetts site highlighting innovative ideas to bring jobs to MA and to keep students in the state. Job leads, internships, business updates and more!
  • List of job search sites

Informational Interviews

Why conduct an informational interview?

  • Learn information and insight into the practical applications of your chosen field, which allosw you to decide if it’s the right path for you!
  • Get a realistic view of the job market, outlook of salaries, working environments and responsibilities
  • Networking! It’s the single most effective way to conduct a job search

Informational Interview Resources

Labor Market Information

Understanding the labor market is your first step to making an informed decision regarding your career choice as well as job choice. Where are the jobs in Massachusetts? What industries are hiring individuals with my training and skills? What are the chances of there being a job available in my major when I graduate? Answers to these important questions and more can save you money, and even more importantly, your valuable time when training for a job for the first time or when transitioning into a new field with potential for personal and financial growth.

Take a moment to research this important information in the following sites:
  • Career Coach is a search tool that gives you the opportunity to explore hundreds of potential careers by showing you info on wages, employment, and jobs, plus the education needed to get you there.
  • “The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. This handbook describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, education and training needed, earnings and expected job prospects.”
  • CareerOneStop: Provides occupation information, industry information, and state information with a complete list of career tools.
  • O*NET: Investigate majors and occupations to learn about a typical day, wages, education requirements and industries that hire.

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