Disability Services

Who is Eligible for Disability Support Services?

Any student is eligible for services if they:

  1. Meet the admission requirements of Mount Wachusett Community College
  2. Complete the Placement Test and get a score that guarantees enrollment in foundation courses or higher

Under federal law, students with disabilities are entitled to equal access and opportunities on campus and in the classroom.  Our goal is to support students in developing academic, social, and emotional skills in a structured and caring environment.

How to Begin Disability Support Services:

To start the process, students who are impacted by intellectual, emotional or physical conditions that challenge their learning should schedule an appointment with Disability Services in Room 142 on Gardner Campus. At your appointment, you will need to provide documentation of your disability.

*Note: college is different than high school.  In college, you must disclose your own disability and provide professional documentation in order to receive accommodations.

In addition, you must proactively request accommodations for each class at the beginning of every semester.

How to Provide Documentation of Your Disability:

There are two different ways to provide documentation of your disability to MWCC:

  1. You can submit a signed letter from your health care provider.  This document must include your diagnosis, treatment, how the diagnosis impacts your learning, and any recommendations or accommodations that are needed to be successful. To help you request documentation from your health care provider, we created this Letter.  Please give it to your health care provider. After they have signed this letter, please return it to the Disability Services Office.
  2. Alternatively, if you are a recent high school student, you can submit your IEP, Evaluation, or 504 Plan from your high school. This documentation is not valid if it is more than three years old.

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