College Planning

Considering education beyond high school requires a lot of thought.  Going to college is an enormous investment of time, money and effort so you want to be sure that you’ve made smart choices along the way.  The NCEOC can help you answer important questions to make your decisions easier, and help you build a realistic educational plan.

Some questions you should ask when considering college or vocational training are:

  1. Does the school offer the type of program I want?
  2. Do I meet the admissions requirements?
  3. Does the school offer a high-quality education at a reasonable price?
  4. What are the job placement rates for recent graduates of the school?
  5. Is financial aid available for the program I am considering?

NCEOC education specialists can help you research college programs, apply for admissions, and apply for financial aid.  You may also want to check out resources for scholarships.