College Planning: Scholarships

A lot of scholarships exist for those interested in pursuing college. Scholarships are awarded based on academics such as your grades, and/or financial need. Many private scholarships are available with their own criteria, including; ethnic heritage, geographic location, program of study, hobbies, religious affiliations, gender etc. Since each scholarship is different, the only way to find the one for you is to surf the net and start exploring.

Resources to Help with Your Scholarship Search:

FastWeb – database of private sector scholarships, grants, and loans
Office of Student Financial Assistance – information on financial aid assistance for residents of Massachusetts
U.S. Department of Education – U.S. D.O.E. information about granwork-study work study, and tax credits for education – aid estimator and scholarship search
College Net – database contains over 600,000 awards totaling over 1.6 billion
College Board – scholarship search and financial planning resource
United Negro College Fund – financial aid from the United Negro College Fund

Note: Please be very cautious of any site that asks you for a fee and offers to find you money or a “guarantee” of funding. These are most often scams as no one can control who applies for each scholarship and who is selected for these awards. There are many free resources available!